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Kristina and Carl

Photo Lisa Knutson Photography


Meet the Designer

Kristina Pilhage Fassberg is a native of Sweden. She lives in San Rafael, California with her husband and living son.

Kristina started making Pilleus™ hats in the fall of 2007, following the loss of the couples second son Liten at 20 week, 2 day gestation. She chose the name Pilleus™Â for the hats as she found the Latin name for small hat very fitting. The word also had a phonetic connection to her Swedish maiden name Pilhage, and Swedish nick-name Pilen (the Arrow in Swedish).

Kristina initially made Pillues hats for care facilities in the Bay Area as a non-profit effort, but the word spread and requests soon started pouring in. The high demand has made it impossible for Kristina to provide hats at no costs directly to parents. However you are welcome to order a hat for a nominal fee that covers some of the costs for material, labor and shipping.

If you have received a Pilleus hat at the care facility where you delivered your baby, Kristina would love to hear from you! Please send an e-mail , if possible with a picture of your precious little one.

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